Note for collaborators

All the members of the Congregation of the Oblates of the Virgin Mary are invited to collaborate to the Misericordia by posting contents connected to the theme of Mercy.

Non Oblates persons can communicate with us through contact.

The site is bilingual, Italian and English, but each one can insert content in his own language. The "Translate" function will permit each viewer to read any publication in his own language

Collaborators are asked to select carefully the content they want to share on the site. Be attentive to follow these criteria:
- relevance to the theme of Mercy
- quality of the content
- quality of language and presentation
- interest and utility for the readers
- accuracy of references

A Comity of readers, nominated by the Rector Major, is in charge of ascertaining the quality of the content of the Site and eventually notifying corrections that contributors would have to bring to their publication. Any publication can be removed from the site.

:: See tutorials for collaborators ::

The site is managed by Fr. Patrice Véraquin, omv, from the community of Nice in France.